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Why Java?

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Why Java?

Java was chosen as the platform and programming language for jIRCd for a multitude of reasons. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • Multi-Platform - There are Java Virual Machines (JVM's) designed for just about every operating system and processor architecture. This means that jIRCd can therefore run on just about any operating system or computer. This is great because there is a wide variety of server platforms on the market today.
  • Language Features - Java's language features provide many easy-to-use tools and data structures that are perfect for jIRCd. For example, multithreading allows a seperate thread of execution to run on the server's computer for each client that is connected. This could help to reduce lag on the server by giving all clients instant service, instead of queued service like traditional IRC servers.
  • Fast Programming - The Java language provides features that make it very quick to write and maintain Java programs. Because of this, jIRCd can be developed quickly and when bugs turn up, they can be fixed and distributed quickly to all users.
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